SMART Wind Consortium Launch a Success

SMART Wind Consortium Launch meeting in Albany, NY
SMART Wind Consortium Launch meeting in Albany, NY
Albany, New York, October 16, 2014: More than 50 industry, academic, and government representatives gathered to launch the Sustainable Manufacturing Advanced Research and Technology (SMART) Wind Consortium. The Wind Advisors Team provides technical support for the SMART Wind Consortium, which received a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMTech) Program award earlier this year to develop a consensus-based Roadmap for distributed wind. Trudy Forsyth and Ruth Baranowski of the Wind Advisors Team joined team members Jennifer Jenkins from the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA), Heather Rhoads Weaver from eFormative Options, and Brent Summerville from Summerville Wind and Sun to begin the process of developing the Roadmap, which will focus on overcoming manufacturing gaps and barriers to drive down costs and open new market opportunities.

Forsyth and Technical Co-Lead Summerville reported on questionnaire responses provided by nearly 100 Consortium stakeholders, including overviews of products, skillsets, tooling, facilities, vendors, quality assurance, and current challenges of OEM Steering Group member companies. Forsyth and Summerville will facilitate meetings of SMART Wind Subgroups (Mechanical, Electrical, Composites, and Support Structures) during the next few months to guide the SMART Wind roadmapping efforts and help build a stronger U.S. manufacturing base. The meeting schedule is available here.

At the Albany meeting, Baranowski documented ideas and contributions from industry stakeholders attending the event, and the material will be incorporated into the final Roadmap.

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