Neil D. Kelley

neil_d_kelleyNeil Kelley is an applied meteorologist who incorporates atmospheric science in the solution of engineering problems. He has been involved in wind energy research since 1979 and has extensive scientific measurements and data analysis experience over the past 49 years. Neil served as a principal scientist (atmospheric physics) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) National Wind Technology Center from 1980 to 2011. Prior to that he worked at the Solar Energy Research Institute (now NREL), the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the Department of Meteorology at Penn State University, and Meteorology Research, Inc.

Neil’s research specialty areas include:

  • The role of atmospheric turbulence in the structural response of wind turbines
  • The assessment and annoyance potential of low-frequency noise emitted from wind turbines
  • Atmospheric measurements employing ground-based and airborne in-situ instrumentation and remote sensing using radio frequency (RADAR), acoustic (SODAR), and optical (LIDAR) technologies
  • The design and execution of field measurement programs and performing associated data management.

His career highlights include receiving a performance award as the chief engineer for the development of the National Science Foundation/National Center for Atmospheric Research Electra Long-Range Research Aircraft for the Global Atmospheric Research Program Atlantic Tropical Experiment.

Neil holds a B.S. in professional meteorology from Saint Louis University. He holds an M.S. in meteorology and is a Ph.D. candidate in meteorology at Pennsylvania State University. Neil enjoys U.S. Western history, theater organ, and the Denver Brass and is a major movie enthusiast.

See Neil Kelley’s IEA ANNEX 27 PROPOSED PRESENTATION OUTLINE (presented in Vienna, Austria, in October 2017)