Wind Advisors Team Managing Director Trudy Forsyth is featured in the following podcasts, providing information on small and midsize wind turbines and distributed wind technologies.

April 2, 2014
Small Wind Standards Beneficial for Manufacturers, Consumers

Trudy Forsyth discusses the importance of small wind standards, international standards, and the potential of small wind turbine manufacturing to create American jobs and spark a homegrown industry.

May 13, 2011
Where Does Small Scale Wind Development Fit in the Bigger Wind Energy Picture?

In the third and final part of a three-part series, Trudy Forsyth explains the basics of community wind turbines, including jobs and economic development impacts and water savings.

April 26, 2011
How to Bring Distributed Wind to the Home, Farm, or Business

In the second part of a three-part series, Trudy Forsyth explains additional small wind turbine basics, including rooftop wind turbines, turbine maintenance, and information sources.

March 29, 2011
Learning the Basics of Distributed Wind

In the first of this three-part series, Trudy Forsyth covers the basics of small wind turbines, including the wind resource, incentives available to help pay for a turbine, net metering, and payback.